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We defend the professional reputation of our clients when their clinical performance is called into question by way of a contract. Defence is the operative word to our philosophy and visions going well beyond the expectations of clients in order to defend colleagues through difficulties when procedures may not be understood.

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Dental Indemnity

Dental indemnity, as a topic, can be confusing with so much jargon. Given the variety of products on offer it can take considerable time to study, and fully understand what as a dental professional you need to protect with appropriate cover.

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Dental complaints management

Complaint handling can be a stressful experience, even more so if you don’t have the right support. We are here to make the process of dealing with a dental complaint as streamlined and stress-free as possible for you.

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Vicarious liability & non-delegable duty of care

The real issue is not the law on vicarious liability & non-delegable duty of care itself, it is whether the dentists can obtain guaranteed entity cover, including past cover by way of a prior acts clause, on a loss occurring basis.

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Corporate Services

Taylor Defence Services Ltd have put in the final piece of the indemnity cover jigsaw. An introduced non-discretionary, regulated loss occurring entity policy of insurance with contingent past cover by way of a prior acts clause.

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