Dentists in the UK are obligated to purchase and maintain appropriate professional indemnity.

TDS introduce a loss-occurring insurance policy with contingent past cover by way of a prior acts endorsement. This provides our clients with contingent past, present and perpetual future cover, negating any need for run-off cover regardless of your future professional decisions. This provides peace of mind for TDS clients by maintaining the same policy terms and conditions forever.

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Contingent past, present and perpetual future cover

Contract Certainty

Non-discretionary Cover

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24/7 Advice available – an adviser will be available 24/7 should you need to call for any advice.

Indemnity against costs and damages in dental negligence claims, representation at investigations, Tribunals, and General Dental Council (GDC) hearings within the terms of the policy.

Access to professional advice on dental and ethical legal issues that may arise out of your practice of dentistry.

TDS introduce a policy of insurance that covers vicarious liability and non-delegable duty of care as standard for practice owners and dental trainers. For practice owners who own two locations or more or have additional partners or directors who are either clinically or non-clinically qualified, we can introduce a corporate policy.

Please be sure to discuss entity cover with our join team who will be happy to help answer any questions to ensure all risks are identified. You can request a call-back here.


You would have an indemnity limit of £10,000,000 (ten million pounds).

TDS introduces non-discretionary cover by introducing an insurance policy to all of our clients. This means you have guaranteed cover as set out in the policy terms and conditions, should a claim arise.

Discretionary indemnity providers offer membership of a mutual organisation that is governed by its own articles of association. This membership provides you with the ability to seek assistance for a claim or complaint but there is no obligation for the mutual organisation to assist in the matter. It is at the discretion of the management board as set out in their articles of association, whether they assist in any matter or not.

TDS introduce a loss-occurring policy of insurance which provides cover for your period of insurance in perpetuity, meaning you will not have to purchase run-off cover at your policy cessation date

TDS introduces a loss-occurring policy of insurance. This provides cover for matters arising from your period of insurance, in perpetuity. The policy TDS introduce that provides perpetual future cover is also complimented by way of a prior acts endorsement which extends contingent cover for your past, should you have been a member of a medical defence organisation or are moving from a claims-made insurer and thus, provides contingent past, present and perpetual future cover.

Claims made indemnity means the indemnity product you have purchased must be in place at the time of a claim. A claims-made product may come with or without inbuilt run-off cover to ensure your period of indemnity on a claims-made basis is in place after your indemnity cessation date.
Clients joining TDS from a claims-made provider can be offered retroactive cover on the policy we introduce. This will negate the need to purchase run-off cover from your previous indemnity provider.

Should you move to TDS from a loss-occurring indemnity product, you would be correct to expect that your previous indemnity provider should assist you. 

Should you have moved from a claims-made product, the policy of insurance we introduce can offer retroactive cover to cover your period of indemnity on a claims-made basis. This means you will be covered from the policy inception date with your previous provider.

If your previous claims-made or discretionary membership provider decline to assist you with a complaint, claim or regulatory referral, the policy we introduce will cover the matter within the terms and conditions of the policy.

All insurance policies for individual dentists, introduced by TDS include cover for vicarious liability and non-delegable duty of care for practice owners and dental trainers.

Should the principal dentist own more than one practice or there are several directors (clinically qualified or non-clinically qualified) we would advise speaking to one of our team who can introduce the terms of a corporate. Read more on this here.

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