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Taylor Defence Services Ltd (TDS) offers a first-class service to clients

We defend the professional reputation of our clients when their clinical performance is called into question by way of a contract. 

Defence is the operative word to our philosophy and visions going well beyond the expectations of clients in order to defend colleagues through difficulties when procedures may not be understood.

TDS delivers the best service

TDS is dedicated to servicing dentists, like you, on an individual basis. The result is an innovative and flexible approach to dental legal solutions. A personal service in managing your queries on a day to day basis is our objective to meeting your needs. TDS is a non discretionary advice and assistance service that Scottish Dental Practitioners can rely on.


What you can expect

  • An introduction to Professional Indemnity Insurance for Dentists practising in Scotland, providing cover against costs and damages in Dental Negligence, claims; tribunal, Health Board and General Dental Council Hearings.
  • Advice and assistance in matters which challenge a client's professional integrity.
  • A Dento-Legal Adviser, who is qualified in dentistry, law and a five year member of the Faculty of Advocates to represent your needs.
  • An experienced Dentist with legal expertise at the highest levels, providing expert guidance and support to clients including emergency advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Scottish Dentist
"Last November I found myself in a situation where I had to call Neil at TDS to assist me in a contractual dispute with my local NHS Health Board. The dispute had the potential to cost my Practice a substantial amount of money and when I first made contact with Neil, I was resigned to having at least having to pay a substantial sum or dramatically alter my Practice profile. Neither option was particularly appealing, but I had just assumed that I was in the wrong and the Health Board was in the right. The thought of any sanctions was frightening. After providing Neil with a copy of my contract, I was quickly reassured that my Practice was entirely compliant with the contract and that the HB in question had misunderstood the specific clauses in their own contract, suggesting that I wa..."
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