Taylor Defence Services Ltd have put in the final piece of the indemnity cover jigsaw. An introduced non-discretionary, regulated loss occurring entity policy of insurance with contingent past cover by way of a prior acts clause.

Loss Occurring: This is cover in perpetuity. There is no need for run-off cover, which is the same as for TDS introduced individual dentist policy holders.

Entity: Principal dentists/Limited Companies/Limited Liability Partnerships/Partnerships.

Contingent past cover by way of a prior acts clause: If your previous indemnifier of your entity fails to provide cover for the entity, in writing, then the policy will be triggered via the prior acts clause and within the terms and conditions of the policy.

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TDS Benefits

Contingent past, present and perpetual future cover

Contract Certainty

Non-discretionary Cover

Monthly newsletters

Corporate advisory team.

24/7 Advice available – an adviser will be available 24/7 should you need to call for any advice.

Indemnity against costs and damages in dental negligence claims and representation at investigations within the terms of the policy.

Access to professional advice on any legal liability of the limited company or corporate entity within the terms of the policy.

Vicarious liability and non-delegable duty of care cover as standard.

"A corporate policy of insurance introduced by TDS which provides past, present and future liability cover is hugely important to any Corporate whose activities include the business of providing dentistry in the U.K; the service provider alongside the policy is equally important.

TDS offers a very experienced team of dental advisers who are extremely well versed in all aspects of complaint and claims handling.

Having TDS as the service provider of the corporate policy gives Corporates the security of mind that the best in the business is acting for them."

Neil Taylor, Head of Services

Why corporate cover is important? Why do Dental Corporates, Companies trading in the provision of dentistry, and Dentists trading as Limited Companies require a policy of insurance?

Despite liability with respect to these legal entities being well established in law, it has become more prevalent that patients are raising claims against the dental surgeries, dental corporates or legal entities trading in dentistry.

A patient or their legal representative can raise an action against any dental surgery, dental corporate or legal entity trading in dentistry for liability arising from that entity’s:

  • own acts or omissions,
  • employee’s acts or omissions
  • worker’s acts or omissions or
  • associates acts or omissions.

There are many unregulated discretionary dental corporate entity products on the market.

Membership of or purchase from an organisation that offers discretionary dental corporate products does not give guaranteed liability cover.

Enquire now for corporate cover you will not find anywhere else.


Yes, all employees of the business insured, are covered as standard under the policy.

TDS introduces non-discretionary cover by introducing an insurance policy to all of our clients. This means you have guaranteed cover as set out in the policy terms and conditions, should a claim arise.

Discretionary indemnity providers offer membership of a mutual organisation that is governed by its own articles of association. This membership provides you with the ability to seek assistance for a claim or complaint but there is no obligation for the mutual organisation to assist in the matter. It is at the discretion of the management board as set out in their articles of association, whether they assist in any matter or not.

TDS introduces a loss-occurring policy of insurance. This provides cover for matters arising from your period of insurance, in perpetuity. The policy TDS introduce that provides perpetual future cover is also complimented by way of a prior acts endorsement which extends contingent cover for your past, should you have been a member of a medical defence organisation or are moving from a claims-made insurer and thus, provides contingent past, present and perpetual future cover.

Claims made indemnity means the indemnity product you have purchased must be in place at the time of a claim.

A claims-made product may come with or without inbuilt run-off cover to ensure your period of indemnity on a claims-made basis is in place after your indemnity cessation date. 

Clients joining TDS from a claims-made provider can be offered retroactive cover on the policy we introduce. This will negate the need to purchase run-off cover from your previous indemnity provider.

TDS can introduce individual nurse indemnity should this option be preferred to having nurses named on the business policy but the corporate policy we introduce covers all employees as standard.

You may wish to name each nurse on the policy schedule, which can be arranged by emailing [email protected]

Partners or directors of a legal entity, whether clinically qualified or not may be held joint and severally liable for a claim made against the entity.

We would welcome you to contact one of our team to discuss this further.

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