About Us

The main policy of TDS is to defend dental colleagues. TDS is not a mutual organisation. On signing with TDS you will receive a legally binding contract. You will not be referred to memorandum and articles of association. TDS is not a discretionary service provider. TDS firmly believe the way forward is with legally binding contracts between clients and companies. TDS offers services based upon a legally binding contract.

Dental surgeons in Scotland from time to time require defending. Issues of alleged fraud and non compliance with regulations are prevalent.  It is understood that you as an individual practitioner value your registration with the GDC. TDS values your registration equally.

Why take the risk with allegations of fraud or non compliance with that registration?

TDS operate the policy that trained negotiators and defenders is the way forward, affording you with peace of mind that the best in the business will be looking after you. The service that you receive is paramount to TDS. No issue is too trivial. The assistance level is second to none.