"Last November I found myself in a situation where I had to call Neil at TDS to assist me in a contractual dispute with my local NHS Health Board. The dispute had the potential to cost my Practice a substantial amount of money and when I first made contact with Neil, I was resigned to having at least having to pay a substantial sum or dramatically alter my Practice profile. Neither option was particularly appealing, but I had just assumed that I was in the wrong and the Health Board was in the right. The thought of any sanctions was frightening. After providing Neil with a copy of my contract, I was quickly reassured that my Practice was entirely compliant with the contract and that the HB in question had misunderstood the specific clauses in their own contract, suggesting that I was in breach. At this point I thought that this type of dispute would not be covered by TDS and I offered to pay Neil on a private basis to represent me. Neil assured me that my subscription with TDS would cover the cost of his services for the contractual dispute with the HB! I am not sure how many other Defence organisations would do the same. After 10 months of robustly defending my position and even discussing the matter with the Central Legal Office of the NHS the HB eventually concluded that I had been in compliance from the beginning, bringing the matter to a satisfactory end. Neil's in depth knowledge of Dental regulations and expertise in mediation is matched by his dedication and level of service. I felt that I had his unwavering support throughout the entire dispute. In addition, I felt that the quality of Neil's defence was exceptional and have since recommended his Services to several friends and colleagues. Indeed, all associates at my Practice, many colleagues and my former VDP's are now clients of TDS. Although I hope that it will be several years before I have to call on TDS again, I know that should the time come, I will be seeking advice from and represented by, the best Dental Defence Organisation that money can buy."

Scottish Dentist



"I cannot recommend Taylor Defence Services enough. Neil is always on hand 7 days a week and always willing to offer advice regarding any issue.  General practice is stressful enough but being with TDS takes one thing off my mind by knowing that I have a defence union who is willing to fight my corner rather than just paying to make the problem go away.

If you are frustrated by being told to just pay the patient and apologise but you want someone to stand up for you then I would look no further than Taylor Defence Services."

Jonathan Dougherty